Calling all Superheroes Birthday Party

Is your little boy a fan of Superheroes? Superhero Party is such a popular theme right now for birthdays and surprisingly for baby showers too! I love the Superman themed baby shower the most! Each Superhero characters has different color scheme in their design and logos from the rest that it makes the whole party so vibrant and fun when they are all together!


If your boy is having a mix gender party, you can have a ‘Calling all Superheroes party’ to include all the female superheroes including wonder woman, super girl, bat girl, spider girl ( just be a little creative and turn them into female superheroes)~ you can find female and male Superhero character printables and centerpieces at Magical Printable.

Another idea would be to have a theme that calls for all Superheroes and Princesses! Now, I think that’ll be a fun theme!

Printable: Magical Printable


  • A Fun banner that features Batman, Captain America, Robin, Superman, Spiderman Designed Fonts
  • Vibrant Color Scheme

superhero_party_banner (2) superhero_party_banner_cupcake_topper superhero_party_table superhero_party_table_cupcakes superhero_party_table_water_bottle superhero_themed_party_toppers