How to Play Bridal Shower Games

Bridal Shower Games

How Old Were They?

This is a simple age guessing game. Collect several pictures of couples you know personally or those you can find on the internet. Take note of the ages or birthdays and this is what you will ask from your guests just by staring at the pictures. The person with the most correct number of guesses wins.

How Well Do You Know the Bride?

Find out who among the party guests knows the bride best by playing this game. Before you start, interview the bride for you to be able to make several questions about her. Ask the questions from the game participants and those with the highest scores win.

What did the Groom Say

What did the Groom Say about the Bride Game – Grab the answers for the game from the groom prior to the shower. The groom will need to keep the answers a secret. At the shower, the bride will answer the same questions that you asked the groom.
To get the guests involved, you can ask them to write down how many answers that they think the groom will get it correct. The guest that guesses closest wins the prize.

Apron Game

Another fun bridal shower activity is the “Apron” game. Find a large apron for the bride to wear and pin or attach as many kitchen and home utensils on it. Examples include: spatula, potato peeler, spoon, fork, can opener, and other small and light items the apron can carry. After preparing the bride with her apron costume, let her walk across the room for several seconds or a minute. When the bride has left and is no longer visible, distribute papers and pens to the guest and ask them to write as many items which they can remember hanging on the apron. Call the bride back and check who among the participants wrote the most number of items and declare her the winner.

Why Do We Do That / Traditions

Test your guests’ knowledge about wedding traditions or superstitions. Research for some of the most common practices and superstitions related to wedding and ask the guests the logical or accepted reason why each practice or superstition is observed. For example; “why do brides throw the bouquet after the ceremony?” The person with the most number of correct answers wins.

Meaning of Rose

When you give out roses to a person, the meaning or intention is usually interpreted according to the color or number. This game will test the knowledge of your guests. Distribute the printable game cards listing some of the common rose numbers given to a person like 1, 3, 7, 9, 10, etc. and ask the guests their particular meaning. The one with the most number of correct answers wins.

What’s In Your Purse?

This is similar to the “Bring Me” game. Distribute the customized game cards containing the items you are looking for. Ask the game participants to collect and complete all the items listed. And the first one who can do so wins.

What’s In Your Phone?

This is a modified version of the “What’s In Your Purse” game. Instead of searching for physical items, you can ask the game participants to show you certain things on their mobile phone. For example, you can ask them to show a particular app, a photo, a phonebook entry starting with a particular letter, etc. You can assign points to a particular question or thing required and the one which accumulates the highest number of points wins.

How to Be a Good Wife

This is an interesting quiz game where the questions and answers are based from the popular 1950’s textbook on how to become a good wife. The guest with the most number of matching answers wins.

Bridal Gift Item Bingo

A popular game with the bridal shower twist is Bingo. You will have to prepare customized bingo cards beforehand ensuring that the columns and rows are blank except for the center free space. At the start of the game, distribute the cards and ask the guests to fill each blank square with the possible gifts the bride may receive. When it’s time to open the gifts, let the guests mark the squares with the correct guesses. Similar with the ordinary bingo game, the guest who first completes a row of 5 wins.

He Said She Said

Compile a list of questions to ask the bride and groom to be. Questions like, who said i love you first? who initiated the first kiss? What is your favorite movie? Then, create a list of the answers of their responses and get the guests to guess who said them. Remember to remove gender references in answers.

The Newlywed Game

Ask the Groom these questions before the bridal shower. The Bride can guess what the Groom said about her. Fun game to test how well they know each other!

The Price is Right

Ask the Guests to guess the retail price of each items that you have purchased and displayed on a table. Person closest to the actual total wins. The Bride gets to keep all the items at the end of the event.

Recipe Cards

Ask the guests to fill out the recipe card with their favorite recipe for the Bride to be


Ask the guests to fill in the blanks with words that begins with each letter in “LOVE”. Compare your answers with the group. Get 1 point for each unique answer.

Scavenger Hunt

Use your phone / camera to collect pictures of the items on the list. Each one is worth 1 point. The group with the most points wins.

Bridal Word Scrabble

How many can you make from the phrase such as ‘you’re getting married’

Bridal Word Scramble

Build jumbled letters into Bridal Shower / Marriage related words before the timer runs out!

Date Night Idea

Share your best date night idea for the Bride and Groom

What is the Bride Wearing?

Let’s see how well the guests were paying attention to what the Bride to be is wearing by answering to the questions about what the bride to be is wearing

Pass the Prize

This is passing the prize without the music. Read out loud the phrases to the guests to see who gets the prize at the end

Over or Under Bridal Shower

Ask the Guests to write whether the number given in these statements is correct, over or under the real number or amounts. The guests can write their answer in the blank space. Give a copy of the game card to the bride as well so she would fill it up with the correct answers. The guest with most correct answers will be the winner.

Jeopardy Bridal Shower Quiz

Jeopardy Bridal Shower Game with Categories – Come up with fun questions and answers from the listed categories on top. Each questions will be worth different amount of money/points.
How to play as a team game? Split guests in teams and have a team pick the category and dollar amount. The host can read out the question. If they answer correctly within the given time, the team gets the money/points. Mark them off as you go through.
Tally up the score at the end. The team with the highest score wins the game!

A sample question sheet is included. Answers for ‘The Bride’ and ‘The Groom’ categories will need to be gathered from the couple. The answers for remaining categories comes with answers. For the “Wedding Word Scramble Category, write the scrambled word out for the player and give them 1 minute to unscramble it

Prefilled Bingo Cards

1) Print the bingo cards for each players and one copy of this callout sheet.
2) With the callout sheet, cut each squares out. Put all the cutouts in a hat or a container.
3) READY TO PLAY: Hand out one Bingo card to each player.
5) Pull out a square from a hat, call out the word or show the image.
6) Ask players to check off corresponding square. Repeat until someone gets five in a row – bingo!