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1) How will I receive my item?

All items are digital, therefore no physical item will be sent to you. Once purchased, you will receive an email to download your purchased files. Files are NON-editable – PDF or JPEG format.

IMPORTANT : If you do not receive an email straightaway, please check your junk mail please.
This is the most common issue. Other common issue includes a typo in the email address. If you believe this has happened please contact me; (Quote: email address you think you typed, and say it’s from MP Site.)
Lastly, this is a rare issue, but if your payment is not registered for instant payment, you may need to wait for 2 days for the money to clear.

Some of my digital items comes in a compressed zipped file.

Here is a link on instruction on how to open one. Please note that in most cases you are not required to download any software as the compression software is built in most cases. –

2) What payment methods do you accept?

Acceptable payment methods – PAYPAL, Debit and Credit Cards

If you are paying by Debit or Credit card, you can still pay without having a paypal account. To pay using debit or credit card, Please follow the 4 easy steps HERE






You can print your files at a printing shop such as Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, Kinkos or if you are from Australia, Officeworks

5) How to use Printable Photo Booth Props? You can print out your download photo booth prop images onto normal white printer paper and glue them onto a thick cardboard. Then cut out the props. You can then use a packaging tape to a wooden dowel rods or plastic dowel found in most craft stores. or You can print on white cardstock (the thicker the better) that is compatible with your printer. You can also get them printed at your local printing shop. Then cut out the images


1 2 3 4 5


** Please carefully read the instructions of the iron on transfer paper you purchase. Some may work differently especially in terms of washing of an iron on transfer shirt.**

Before printing on iron on paper, please try printing on normal paper to make sure the design is right for you


Iron on transfer video and papers for light clothes video by discountofficeitems via youtube

You can also find instructions step by step by Avery themselves right here 

Recommended Paper – Avery Transfer Paper

Recommended Printer – Ink Jet Printer


BY IrononTransfers

Useful Party Printable Products @ Amazon

Cupcake toppers – circle & scalloped & square punch of different sizes

How to open ZIP Folder

Compressed zipped folder includes multiple files.  We are forced to use Zip folders sometimes due to limit of how many files we can upload per listing.

If you are using windows, please follow this:

  • Right-click on the ZIP folder.
  • Choose “Extract All”
  • Choose a destination where you would like the files to be saved in your computer.
  • Click “Extract”

You might be able to go into the folder without having to extract. If this is the case, please take the files out of that folder by copying and pasting the files anywhere else in your computer. Please use your computer to do this. As long as the files are in ZIP folder, you will only be able to preview the image so option to print will not appear.

Please note that in most cases you are not required to download any software as the compression software is built in most cases.

If you are using Mac OSX, please follow this:

Double click the ZIP folder, and it should extract automatically.
If that doesn’t work, hold down the control key and click the ZIP file icon. Choose “Open With” and then choose “ARCHIVE UTILITY.” This ‘utility’ will extract the ZIP files. Should should find the files in the same folder where you downloaded them.

If you are using iphone, iphone, or other iOS device:

You would need to install an APP from apple store. Popular one that we suggest is “iZip”. 

Customer Photos Submissions

kate spade bridal shower game printable

Meka: “Quick purchase, fast shipping. This item matched the decor perfectly.”

gold how many kisses game

kate spade how many kisses game

mermaid crabwiches labels

boho mimosa bar

Thanks onehuntinchick
Mimosa tags were amazingly beautiful!!! – Mimosa Bar Sign Boho Style

contruction baby shower diaper raffle tickets

Thanks Angelita Smith! – Instant download is ideal – Construction Diaper Raffle

take a baby succulent

Thanks Nikki for posting this lovely photo of our succulent baby sign 🙂 > Take a Baby Succulent Sign

kate spade mimosa bar bridal shower sign

Thanks for the nice feedback 🙂 Veronica,
“Worked beautifully with a Kate Spade inspired Bridal Shower. Very pleased with the quality and how fast and easy it was to print and put together.”
Shop Sign> Mimosa Bar Sign

how many seashells

Thanks Kristy! How many shells game

rose gold wedding menu printable

Thanks Chelsea! “They turned out so beautiful! Worked with us with our “spanglish” menu! Amazing!”

White Flower Printable Custom Wedding Seating Chart

Thanks Tralene for a lovely feedback 🙂 “We are so happy with her work! Turned out beautifully and she quickly adjusted to our request to move some people around in the seating chart. Highly recommended.”

White Floral Wedding Chart Printable

gold dont say bride or wedding game

Beautiful sign and loved how I could print it instantly! by Melissa Lilly

gold confetti pop fizz clink sign bridal shower

Thanks Sarah Ryan for a lovely review 🙂 “Loved this at my besties bridal shower!”


Thanks Yaumara for a nice review 🙂 “This sign was even better than what I originally had in mind. It came as a digital download the same day that I purchased. It printed beautifully and was perfect for my Christmas Party Favors Table. Thanks for creating such a beautiful sign.”


Lovely comment from Caprece: “Beautiful products from this seller! Very helpful!” – SIGN | FREE ADVICE CARD FOR THE TREE

chic 28 days until i do wedding sign

Thank you Aimee T for these photos

mimosa bar sign bubbly add top with fruit

Thank you Aimee T for these photos

how many kisses gold game

Thanks luv2dance1827!

Where the Wild Things are Rumpus Baby Shower Games

Little Rumpus King


Thanks Maegan! Looks like an amazing Kate Spade Themed Shower!

gold bridal shower advice and date night cards

Thank you Christina for a lovely photo! This shop is awesome! Such a great selection of games and this design was a perfect match for a bridal shower I was helping to plan. Email with attachments of different sizes came quickly. Highly recommend!!

pink gold mimosa bar sign

A photo of a Mimosa bar sign from Sunita! Thank you!

black and floral thank you cards

“Came out great! Used Staples next-day print.” By Chelsey 🙂

black stripes and gold bridla shower games pack

diaper-thoughts printable

“Perfect! Loved it.” by Michelle

sprinkle baby shower thank you tags

Happy review 🙂 “I LOVED these tags for my sisters sprinkle. Especially with the leather tassel!” by Lisa

Gray Rustic Baby Shower Diaper Thoughts Signdiaper thoughts baby shower signGold Frame Bridal Mad Libs Gamegold glitter bridal shower game decoration

Mason Jars Diaper Thoughts Printable


Gold Confetti What is the Bride Wearing Bridal Shower Game


Gold Confetti Photo Booth Sign

PHOTO BOOTH PROP SIGN, GOLD CONFETTIDon’t Say Bride Gameblack stripes chic don't say wedding game

Term of Use: Clipart & Digital Papers

For “No Credit License” please purchase this listing below:

Your email address will be kept as our reference in our database along with the name of the product you purchased along with the license. If you are purchasing a ‘no credit license’ for a product you already purchased, please email the product name to please. We will update our record.

No Credit Commercial License For One Clip Art Set or One Digital Paper Set

By purchasing this NO CREDIT license you are allowed to use our graphics in an item that you make for sale. This license will also allow you to use the graphics in an unlimited, royalty free way without credit to our shop.

Purchasing graphics without this license will require credit to our shop as follows (or similar)
“I have used graphics from Magical Studio”

You do not need to purchase this license nor put a credit to our shop for following uses: Blogs, facebook page, any personal use projects.

You will receive a PDF license agreement that you should keep stored on your computer. Please purchase this license along with the clipart set you would like. You can buy this license on its own for any clipart set you purchase in the past. Please just quote the clipart set you purchased that you would like the license to be applied to. We do check the usage of our graphics and may ask you to provide us with your order number for you to be able to prove that you have bought a license from us for each clipart set used (for selling).

What you may sell commercially:
Printed or digital items such as invitation cards, party printables, stationery, patterns, digital collage sheets, fabric patterns, any prints, websites, banners, blogs. You may sell on websites such as Zazzle.

What you may NOT sell commercially:
You may not copy or transfer to anyone else.
You may not re-sell these items in their original digital form.
You may not create new graphics out of our clip art.

Inserting Text Using Free Online Photo Editor

I have searched for a free online photo editing program (to insert own text) and after few days of searching I finally came across, which i personally find is one of the most easiest online tool to use for someone who is not very familiar or has no idea about photoshop or illustrator.

The printables I sell are not editable, and most party package printables I sell are in JPEG format. You cannot use PDF files to insert text at So, please ensure that the printable package you are purchasing comes in JPEG file and not PDF. If you need to edit a PDF file, then you would need to convert the file to JPEG or JPG. You can convert for Free at ConvertOnlineFree.

How to Insert Text on Fotor.Com

1) Go to and select ‘EDIT A PHOTO’

You may choose to sign up or not. Sign up process literally takes 20 seconds, so you may choose to sign up to get you more options for editing. If you do not want to sign up, don’t panic, it’s okay, you can still use the free online editor. You may not be able to use some features but I’m certain you can get away with those features. 1 2) As soon as you click ‘EDIT A PHOTO’, it will prompt you to select a file you want to edit / add text to. Choose your file.

To Insert text, choose ‘T’ which stands for Text on your left. 2 3) Select a Font style you want to use, and select ‘Add Text’.

At this stage, you would be able to type your own wordings. you can use the computer cursor to move the position of your text.

3 4)  If you have signed up, it should automatically come up with option to change size and color.

If you have not signed up, you can still change the size by putting your cursor on the corner of the text box to shrink or expand


5) When you’ve inserted your text, click save. Save button location is shown on the image. It took me maybe half a minute to locate it so i’ve done a image screen print of the location.5 6) Now you have a decision to make. Whether to save to your computer, or dropbox or print.

There you go! You have a personalized item! I hope this short instruction was of any help to you.

How to Play Bridal Shower Games

Bridal Shower Games

How Old Were They?

This is a simple age guessing game. Collect several pictures of couples you know personally or those you can find on the internet. Take note of the ages or birthdays and this is what you will ask from your guests just by staring at the pictures. The person with the most correct number of guesses wins.

How Well Do You Know the Bride?

Find out who among the party guests knows the bride best by playing this game. Before you start, interview the bride for you to be able to make several questions about her. Ask the questions from the game participants and those with the highest scores win.

What did the Groom Say

What did the Groom Say about the Bride Game – Grab the answers for the game from the groom prior to the shower. The groom will need to keep the answers a secret. At the shower, the bride will answer the same questions that you asked the groom.
To get the guests involved, you can ask them to write down how many answers that they think the groom will get it correct. The guest that guesses closest wins the prize.

Apron Game

Another fun bridal shower activity is the “Apron” game. Find a large apron for the bride to wear and pin or attach as many kitchen and home utensils on it. Examples include: spatula, potato peeler, spoon, fork, can opener, and other small and light items the apron can carry. After preparing the bride with her apron costume, let her walk across the room for several seconds or a minute. When the bride has left and is no longer visible, distribute papers and pens to the guest and ask them to write as many items which they can remember hanging on the apron. Call the bride back and check who among the participants wrote the most number of items and declare her the winner.

Why Do We Do That / Traditions

Test your guests’ knowledge about wedding traditions or superstitions. Research for some of the most common practices and superstitions related to wedding and ask the guests the logical or accepted reason why each practice or superstition is observed. For example; “why do brides throw the bouquet after the ceremony?” The person with the most number of correct answers wins.

Meaning of Rose

When you give out roses to a person, the meaning or intention is usually interpreted according to the color or number. This game will test the knowledge of your guests. Distribute the printable game cards listing some of the common rose numbers given to a person like 1, 3, 7, 9, 10, etc. and ask the guests their particular meaning. The one with the most number of correct answers wins.

What’s In Your Purse?

This is similar to the “Bring Me” game. Distribute the customized game cards containing the items you are looking for. Ask the game participants to collect and complete all the items listed. And the first one who can do so wins.

What’s In Your Phone?

This is a modified version of the “What’s In Your Purse” game. Instead of searching for physical items, you can ask the game participants to show you certain things on their mobile phone. For example, you can ask them to show a particular app, a photo, a phonebook entry starting with a particular letter, etc. You can assign points to a particular question or thing required and the one which accumulates the highest number of points wins.

How to Be a Good Wife

This is an interesting quiz game where the questions and answers are based from the popular 1950’s textbook on how to become a good wife. The guest with the most number of matching answers wins.

Bridal Gift Item Bingo

A popular game with the bridal shower twist is Bingo. You will have to prepare customized bingo cards beforehand ensuring that the columns and rows are blank except for the center free space. At the start of the game, distribute the cards and ask the guests to fill each blank square with the possible gifts the bride may receive. When it’s time to open the gifts, let the guests mark the squares with the correct guesses. Similar with the ordinary bingo game, the guest who first completes a row of 5 wins.

He Said She Said

Compile a list of questions to ask the bride and groom to be. Questions like, who said i love you first? who initiated the first kiss? What is your favorite movie? Then, create a list of the answers of their responses and get the guests to guess who said them. Remember to remove gender references in answers.

The Newlywed Game

Ask the Groom these questions before the bridal shower. The Bride can guess what the Groom said about her. Fun game to test how well they know each other!

The Price is Right

Ask the Guests to guess the retail price of each items that you have purchased and displayed on a table. Person closest to the actual total wins. The Bride gets to keep all the items at the end of the event.

Recipe Cards

Ask the guests to fill out the recipe card with their favorite recipe for the Bride to be


Ask the guests to fill in the blanks with words that begins with each letter in “LOVE”. Compare your answers with the group. Get 1 point for each unique answer.

Scavenger Hunt

Use your phone / camera to collect pictures of the items on the list. Each one is worth 1 point. The group with the most points wins.

Bridal Word Scrabble

How many can you make from the phrase such as ‘you’re getting married’

Bridal Word Scramble

Build jumbled letters into Bridal Shower / Marriage related words before the timer runs out!

Date Night Idea

Share your best date night idea for the Bride and Groom

What is the Bride Wearing?

Let’s see how well the guests were paying attention to what the Bride to be is wearing by answering to the questions about what the bride to be is wearing

Pass the Prize

This is passing the prize without the music. Read out loud the phrases to the guests to see who gets the prize at the end

Over or Under Bridal Shower

Ask the Guests to write whether the number given in these statements is correct, over or under the real number or amounts. The guests can write their answer in the blank space. Give a copy of the game card to the bride as well so she would fill it up with the correct answers. The guest with most correct answers will be the winner.

Jeopardy Bridal Shower Quiz

Jeopardy Bridal Shower Game with Categories – Come up with fun questions and answers from the listed categories on top. Each questions will be worth different amount of money/points.
How to play as a team game? Split guests in teams and have a team pick the category and dollar amount. The host can read out the question. If they answer correctly within the given time, the team gets the money/points. Mark them off as you go through.
Tally up the score at the end. The team with the highest score wins the game!

A sample question sheet is included. Answers for ‘The Bride’ and ‘The Groom’ categories will need to be gathered from the couple. The answers for remaining categories comes with answers. For the “Wedding Word Scramble Category, write the scrambled word out for the player and give them 1 minute to unscramble it

Prefilled Bingo Cards

1) Print the bingo cards for each players and one copy of this callout sheet.
2) With the callout sheet, cut each squares out. Put all the cutouts in a hat or a container.
3) READY TO PLAY: Hand out one Bingo card to each player.
5) Pull out a square from a hat, call out the word or show the image.
6) Ask players to check off corresponding square. Repeat until someone gets five in a row – bingo!

How to Play Baby Shower Games

Signature Scramble – Recommended for minimum 20 people

HOW TO PLAY – Go around the room and get signatures from other players for each item. You can sign more than one game sheet, but you cannot sign the same game sheet twice. You also cannot sign your own game sheet. The player who completes the list first is the winner!

Who knows Mommy Best

This is a fun baby shower game which will discover who among the guests knows the mom-to-be best. Before the game, prepare a set of questions about the future mommy which you can get by interviewing her, her husband, or her closest friends and relatives. Distribute the customized and printable game card paired with a pen. After asking the all questions, reveal the answers and see who answered the most questions correctly. The future mommy can join and answer the questions as well.

Old Wives Tales – Baby Gender

This is a gender prediction game. It is said that there are old wives’ tales related to the future mom’s course of pregnancy which can help predict the gender of the baby. Ask guests questions as to how mommy’s pregnancy is going so far. Answers to these questions will help reveal clues to the gender of the baby. The guest with the most number of correct answers and eventually predicts the gender of the baby wins.

Gift Bingo Game

Distribute the customized bingo cards with blank boxes and ask all game participants to fill each box with possible gifts that the mom-to-be may receive during the party. When the gifts are eventually opened, guests will mark the boxes with the correct gift predictions. The goal is simply to form a straight line either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally by marking up 5 boxes. If the line crosses the center “free space or free box”, guests only need 4 correct marks. To help guests decide on the items to write down in the blank boxes, you can provide them with sheets containing a list of common baby shower gifts.

Word Scramble

Challenge your guests’ minds with a jumbled words game. Prepare a customized game card containing scrambled letters which will form baby-related words when arranged correctly. The person who can guess the most number of words or has the fastest time to complete wins.

Alphabet Baby Item Game

This is a simple yet challenging game. Distribute the game cards printed with letters from A to Z vertically. Ask the participants to write down baby-related items or words starting with each particular letter. The first person to complete the list wins.

Word Search

This ice breaker is the same as the common word search game you see on newspapers and magazines. Prepare a customized word search puzzle or board by hiding baby-related words in a grid of letters horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. First to spot all the hidden words will win the game.

Nursery Rhyme Quiz

Pool in some of the common nursery rhymes you can think of. Afterwards distribute the printable game card and ask the guests to finish or complete the missing phrases as you sing and recite each piece. The person who gets the most correct answers wins.

Name That Baby Animal

This is a simple vocabulary test for the guests. Distribute your game cards and let your guests identify the baby name of certain animals. For example; when you cite dog, your guests should answer puppy; for cat, it’s kitten; etc. The person with the highest number of correct answers wins.

Guess the Baby Food Game

It’s a game that will require excellent use of the senses. You have to blindfold all game participants and ask them to predict the different baby foods you have prepared by just using their sense of smell, touch, and lastly, by tasting them. The person with the most correct answers wins.

Dirty Diaper

Prepare several dirty diapers by melting chocolate bars unto them with the help of the microwave. Use different types or brands of chocolate and let the guests identify what kind of chocolate bar is used for each by smelling, touching, and tasting the sweet diaper dirt. It could be a “yucky” seen to watch but certainly be very fun.

Wishes for the Baby

This is not a fun game but certainly a meaningful and inspiring activity. Distribute the customized blank cards and ask the guest to write down their wishes for the baby.

Around the World

Challenge your guests’ linguistic skills by asking them to write down as many translations they can provide for the word “baby”.

Price Is Right

The concept of this game is similar to the popular game show on TV. But instead of the luxury and expensive items, ask the guests to guess the price of certain baby items. And just like in the game show, the person with the closest price guess to the item’s tag price wins. This game can be done even without the actual items but you can actually purchase them and eventually give it to the future mom when the game is over.

What’s In Your Purse?

In your printable game card, make a list of the common items that people usually carry on their purses or bags. Distribute the cards and ask the game participants to physically bring or show the items on the list. It’s essentially a “bring-me” game with a few tweaks. Participants need to collect all items and there’s no need to run to the stage to bring each item. You can assign points to each item and the one with the highest number of points wins.

What’s In Your Phone?

This is similar to the “What’s in your purse” game. But instead of searching for the items physically, the participants will just search for the listed or required items using their phone. To ensure fairness, guests need to show proof of the items they have found. The person with the most number of points wins.

Words of Wisdom

Instead of asking for well wishes from the guest, this activity will generate useful parenting tips for the future mom or parents. Ask the guests to write their best “words of wisdom” when it comes to raising the baby. All the cards can be collected and placed in a jar or wrapped in a box that will serve as a baby shower gift.

Finish Mommy’s Phrase

This is a game that predicts what the future mom will say in a particular situation. List a couple of open-ended statements on the printable game card and ask the guests to fill in the blanks of what they think the mom-to-be will write on it. Of course, the correct answers will come from the mom-to-be. The person with the most matches wins.

What Was Mommy Wearing

A fun way to test your guests’ memory sharpness is to play the “what was mommy wearing” game. Prepare the game card containing questions related to the dress or clothes and accessories the future mom is wearing. To avoid spoiling the fun, this activity should only be done while the mom-to-be is away or is temporarily hidden from sight. The person with the most number of correct guesses or matches wins.

Guess what’s In the Diaper Bag

Choose several baby items which shall be concealed inside a diaper bag. Distribute the printable game cards and ask the guests to list their guesses in it. If they are having difficulty in guessing the items, you can let them feel the bag or give out some clues.

Baby Predictions

Distribute the printable game card where guests will write their predictions on certain questions about the upcoming baby. You can ask them to predict the baby’s gender, height, weight, birth date, etc. Of course, there’s no definite answer for most of the questions.

Baby Name Race

This activity is similar to the Alphabet game. Distribute the game cards containing the list of letters from A to Z. But instead of words, game participants will think of and write down a possible name that begins with each letter. You can limit the game time to 5 minutes and the one with the highest number of names wins. You may want to specify whether guests only have to write boys’ names, girls’, or both.

What’s The Story?

Prepare your game card by listing 10 baby-related and additional 5 non-related words. Distribute the cards to the guests and ask them to make a comic story using all the words listed. The participant with the best or funniest story will be the winner. In this game you will need a judge. It can be the audience, or perhaps, the future mommy.

How to Assemble a Banner & How to Use Iron On Images



Materials needed – White Cardstock Paper, Hole Puncher, Scissors, and String (Jute Twine, Ribbon, Tulle etc)



Materials needed – Cardstock Paper, Scissors, and String (Jute Twine, Ribbon, Tulle etc)

1_how to assemble a banner 2_how to assemble a banner tutorial 3_how to assemble a banner connect through


** Please carefully read the instructions of the iron on transfer paper you purchase. Some may work differently especially in terms of washing of an iron on transfer shirt.**

Before printing on iron on paper, please try printing on normal paper to make sure the design is right for you


Iron on transfer video and papers for light clothes video by discountofficeitems via youtube

You can also find instructions step by step by Avery themselves right here 

Recommended Paper – Avery Transfer Paper

Recommended Printer – Ink Jet Printer


BY IrononTransfers

Useful Party Printable Products @ Amazon

Cupcake toppers – circle & scalloped & square punch of different sizes